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Empower your relationships for greater success and happiness. Understand each other better. Upcoming trends.


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Herbal medicines, Energy healing, Color and Sound Therapies

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Thanks to Doug for helping me out to find a prefect match for my brother. Would suggest others to get benefited by their services.

Spiritual Consultation in Florida, USA

Deanna M. Maillet

Hopkins, MN

Best predict my horoscope. Very Honest and decent Person. Very much satisfied with the services of Mr. Doug. Everyone should go for it.

Spiritual Consultation in Florida, USA

Peppin Fongemie

Cucamonga, CA
Doug’s reading was spot on and amazed me with his accuracy about my personality. He offered good advise and solutions to issues I have been facing and left me feeling more confident about my future. I definitely recommend his services.
Spiritual Consultation in Florida, USA

Natalie Morehead

Odessa, TX
Doug’s insight and reading made a lot of sense and he also gave me some practical advice and guidance.
Spiritual Consultation in Florida, USA

Jenny Johnson

Telford Street