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Greetings... Thank you for visiting. Feel free to ask anything, happy to be of service.

I'm Doug Greenberg, for 25 years I've assisted people grow in happiness and inner strength.

My life has been one of inner transformation which I share with others. Your ever growing empowerment towards all you want is my intent. A yogic monk for 8 years, married for 32 years, raising three boys has grounded me in practicality. I am well read in all major philosophies, spiritual paths, and several self-help/discovery paths.

Maybe karmic or genetic, have a natural deep intuition helpful for this work. We all face challenges from within and without, breaking free of them, rising above, going beyond towards our fullest happiness is a great goal.

I'm happy to assist your journey with life coaching, astrological insights, perspective reframing and other profound tools for growth.

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